Recent Projects

Custom Web Development Projects


A tendering application for vendors and contract management is a software system designed to streamline the process of inviting bids from suppliers/vendors, evaluating proposals, and managing contracts within an organization.

Built a research repository which serves as a centralized digital platform or system designed to collect, organize, store, manage, and disseminate research-related materials, scholarly publications, data sets, and other academic resources. It provides a structured and searchable repository for researchers, academics, students, and other interested parties to access, share, and preserve research outputs.

Asset Management Portal

A live chat application is a real-time communication tool that enables users to interact with a company or service provider directly through text-based conversations. It allows customers or website visitors to seek assistance, ask questions, or receive support instantly from a company’s representatives or support team.

An asset management portal is a comprehensive online platform designed
to streamline the process of managing various assets within an
organization. This sophisticated tool offers a centralized location
where users can easily track, analyze, and manage their physical and
digital assets. This asset management portal is a vital tool for organizations looking to optimize asset utilization, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. By providing a comprehensive overview of all assets, it enables better strategic planning and decision-making.

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